Please find here a list of accepted posters for XMR 2018. Posters have been divided into Group A and Group B.

Group A Posters

P_A1 José Alvim Berkenbrock How Might X-Ray Scanned Potatoes Improve Cancer Treatment?
P_A2 Janani Iyer Visualization of the human inner ear's cytoarchitecture through intact temporal bone using synchrotron-radiation phase contrast imaging
P_A3 Sylvain Bohic High Resolution X-Ray Phase Contrast Imaging of maturating cartilage.
P_A4 Andrew Bodey Optimising Complementary Soft Tissue Synchrotron X-ray Microtomography for Reversibly-Stained Central Nervous System Samples
P_A5 Madleen Busse Bismuth-Oxo-Clusters for Soft Tissue Staining
P_A6 Gerald Falkenberg Correlative Imaging of Melanosoms with Ptychography, X-ray Fluorescence and Light Microscopy
P_A7 David Haberthür Quantitative assessment of brain tumor radiation treatment reveals decrease in tumor-supporting vessels
P_A8 Ilian Häggmark Cellular-Resolution Imaging of Microstructures in Rat Bone using Laboratory Propagation-Based Phase-Contrast X-ray Tomography
P_A9 Ilian Häggmark Biomedical Applications of Multi-Material Phase Retrieval in Propagation-Based Phase-Contrast Imaging
P_A10 Assem Hedayat Investigating the Presence of Mercury under a Dental Restoration Using Synchrotron K-Edge Subtraction Imaging
P_A11 Adam Hitchcock How do Magnetotactic Bacteria Synthesize Magnetite ? – a Soft X-ray Spectroscopy, Spectromicroscopy and Magnetism Time Course Study
P_A12 Lee-Jene Lai Development of a Correlation of Soft X-Ray Tomography with Fluorescence Microscopy at Taiwan Photon Source
P_A13 Dongyun Lee Volume Analysis of Periodontal Bone Specimens Retained in Trephine Burs Using Synchrotron Radiation X-Ray Micro-Computed Tomography
P_A14 Gang Liu Three dimensional imaging of biological samples and Nano-materials using Soft X-ray microscopy
P_A15 Susan Crawford-Young CrawfordYoung&Gordon CLS AXRM poster 2018
P_A17 Ryuta Mizutani Spatial Resolution of Pre-reconstruction Raw Images and their Nano-CT Slices
P_A18 Bert Müller Visualization and Segmentation of Cells in Unstained Paraffin-Embedded Cerebral Tissue
P_A19 Carole Poitry-Yamate A Gd-Based Glucosamine Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Contrast Agent That Crosses the Intact Blood-Brain-Barrier for Entry into Cortical Neurons
P_A20 Maxim Polikarpov Phase-contrast X-ray Imaging and Microscopy for Crystallographic Applications at EMBL Beamline P14 of PETRA III
P_A21 Carla Polo Lignin Deposition In Arabidopsis thaliana Cell Walls Unveiled By Ptychographic X-Ray Computed Tomography (PXCT)
P_A22 Griffin Rodgers Double Grating Interferometry in a Commercial Micro Computed Tomography System for Biomedical Imaging
P_A23 Jenny Romell Imaging Fingerprints of an Ancient Egyptian Mummy by Propagation-Based Phase-Contrast X-Ray Tomography
P_A24 Rino Saiga Synchrotron Radiation Nanotomography of Biological Soft Tissues
P_A25 Georg Schulz Propagation-based X-ray Phase Contrast Microtomography of Zebrafish Embryos to Understand Drug Delivery
P_A26 Christian Seim Localization, Characterization and Local Biokinetics of Tattoo Pigment Particles in Human Skin and Lymph Nodes by Means of Synchrotron-based Micro- and NanoXRF
P_A28 Liming Wang Mechanism of Silver Nanoparticle Cytotoxicity Studied by Transmission X-ray Microscopic Imaging and Chemical Speciation Analysis
P_A30 Darren Batey Coherence Branch at I13, DLS: The Multiscale, Multimodal, Ptycho-tomographic End Station
P_A31 Sylvain Bohic Performance of X-ray speckle tracking phase retrieval algorithms towards a dose improvement.
P_A32 Bjoern Enders Dataflow at the COSMIC Beamline - Stream Processing and Supercomputing
P_A33 Johannes Hagemann Solving the Phase Problem in X-Ray Near-Field Holography Beyond the Assumption of Weak Objects
P_A34 Chan Kim Numerical Analysis of Antiphase Domain Boundaries in a FeAl Alloy Using X-Ray Bragg Coherent Diffractive Imaging
P_A35 Klaus Giewekemeyer Experimental 3D Coherent X-ray Diffractive Imaging from Photon-Sparse Random Projections
P_A36 Jeffrey Klug Performance and Ongoing Development of the Velociprobe, a Fast Hard X-ray Nanoprobe for High-Resolution Ptychographic Imaging
P_A37 Manuel Langer Development of a New Soft X-ray Ptychography Spectro-Microscope at the Swiss Light Source (SLS)
P_A38 Chien-Yu Lee Information Tagged Data Acquisition System for On-the-fly-scanning
P_A39 Haigang Liu Soft X-ray Spectro-Ptychography for Air Pollution Particulates
P_A40 Limei Ma Automatic Calibrations of Sample Drift for Nanotomography at SSRF
P_A41 Hung Wei Shiu Quest for Soft X-ray Tomographic Ptychography using the KB focusing Optics
P_A42 Pablo Villanueva-Perez Coherent hard X-ray multiprojection imaging
P_A43 Markus Weigand Soft X-ray Ptychography for Imaging of Magnetic Domains and Skyrmions in Sub-100 nm Scales.
P_A44 Felix Wittwer Ptychography with a Virtually Enlarged Illumination
P_A45 Zijian Xu Eliminating Decoherence Effects and Improving Reconstructed Image Quality in Soft X-ray Ptychography
P_A46 Irina Snigireva X-ray Phase Contrast Imaging Technique Using Bilens Interferometer
P_A47 Olga Antipova Developments of X-ray fluorescence tomography at 2-ID-E at APS for studies of composite samples.
P_A48 Neil Banerjee Synchrotron Characterization of Metal Distributions in Soils Collected in the Greater Kamloops Region, British Columbia, Canada.
P_A49 Lisa Van Loon Evaluation of the Use of Wetlands in Arsenic Sequestration of Mine-Influenced effluent using Synchrotron XRF and XANES Spectroscopy.
P_A50 Neil Banerjee Automated Geochemical and Mineralogical Synchrotron Characterization of Bulk Geological Materials: an Innovation for the Minerals Industry.
P_A51 Neil Banerjee Rapid Boron K-edge XANES Analysis of Bulk Rock Samples Associated with Uranium Deposits.
P_A52 Neil Banerjee Development of Rapid Synchrotron 2D X-ray Mapping and XANES of Rock Slabs and Drill Core as a Tool for the Mineral Exploration and Mining Industries.
P_A53 Adam Hitchcock Redox-Chemistry of Environmental Biofilms Probed on the Submicron Scale by in-situ Electrochemistry Scanning Transmission (soft) X-ray Microscopy
P_A54 Jian Wang Submicron Distribution and Association of Copper and Organic Carbon in A Contaminated Soil Using Scanning Transmission X-ray Microspectroscopy
P_A55 Lucia Zuin Commissioning Results from the newly installed KB Refocusing System for the VLS-PGM Beamline at the Canadian Light Source
P_A56 Hrishikesh Bale Quantitative Non-Destructive 3D Crystallographic Imaging of Microstructures Using Laboratory X-ray Diffraction Contrast Tomography
P_A57 Zhonghou Cai Observation of Ring-Like Lattice Modulation Domain in Single Crystal Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8 Using X-ray Microscopy
P_A58 Tzu-Hung Chuang Visualization of the Impact of Oxygen Adsorption on Spin Reorientation Transition of a Ferromagnetic Ultrathin Film by X-ray Photoemission Electron Microscopy
P_A59 Silvan Englisch Mechanical Failure of Transparent Flexible Silver Nanowire Networks for Solar Cells using 3D X-Ray Nano Tomography and Electron Microscopy
P_A60 Imke Greving Full-field hard X-ray microscope designed for Material Science applications
P_A61 Masao Kimura Non-Empirical Identification of Trigger Sites in Image Data using Persistent Homology: Crack Formation during Heterogeneous Reduction of Iron-Ore Sinters
P_A62 Ching-Shun Ku The Scanning Laue Nanodiffraction Microscopy at Taiwan Photon Source
P_A63 Nouf Mahmoud Correlation between ICP-OES and Synchrotron-XRF in Detecting the Penetration of Gold Nanorods into Excised Human Skin Layers
P_A64 Tom McNulty Foam Porosity Calculation by X-Ray Computed Tomography and Errors Caused by Insufficient Resolution
P_A65 Dirk Müter Multiscale Mechanics of Chalk from X-ray Tomography Data
P_A66 Ying-Rui Lu Effect of Fe2O3 Coating on ZnO Nanorods for an Efficient Photocatalytic Activity Investigated by Scanning Transmission X-ray Microscopy
P_A67 Irina Snigireva Hard X-ray In-situ Full-field Microscopy for Material Science Applications.
P_A68 Lisa Van Loon Will Synchrotron Studies Unlock the Mystery of the Invention of Coinage?
P_A69 Janis Wirth Correlative 3D-Characterization of Liquid Metal Catalysts (LMC) utilizing X-ray and Analytical Electron Microscopy
P_A70 Kai Zhang Synchrotron Radiation Nanoscale X-ray Imaging technology and Scientific Big Data Mining Assiste Energy Materials Research
P_A72 Matthieu Boone Full-field Spectral Measurement of a Synchrotron Beam After a Multi-layer Monochromator Using a Hyperspectral X-ray Camera
P_A73 Pambos Charalambous Free Standing Optics for Hot Operation in the Water Window and EUV
P_A74 Takeo EJIMA Quantum efficiency of back-illuminated CMOS sensor with 1.4×1.4 µm2 pixel size
P_A75 Matthieu Boone A Transportable End-station for a Novel Inverse Compton Scattering X-ray Source
P_A76 Yeseul Kim High-resolution Hard X-ray Nanotomography with Zernike Phase-contrast
P_A77 Takahisa Koyama Development of Multilayer Focusing Mirror System for XFEL CDI Experiments of Biological Particles
P_A78 Barry Lai APS 2-ID Microprobes: Status and Future Plans
P_A79 Satoshi Matsuyama High-resolution full-field X-ray microscope for 20-keV X-rays with multilayer imaging mirrors
P_A80 N Moldovan Towards the Batch Production of 5 nm Focal Spot Size Zone Plates and Beyond
P_A82 Anton Narikovich Mini-Transfocator for X-ray Focusing and Microscopy
P_A83 Akira Ohba Laboratory-size X-ray Microscope using Wolter Mirror Optics and an Electron-impact X-ray Source for Multi-energy Observation
P_A84 Carlos Pérez The Coherent X-ray Sub-micro and Nanoprobe Stations for the CARNAUBA Beamline at the Sirius-LNLS Storage Ring
P_A85 Benedikt Rösner Extreme-Ultraviolet Vortices at a Free-Electron Laser
P_A86 Kazushi Sumitani Compound Refractive Lens Optics for Microbeam X-ray Diffraction Measurements at BL13XU in SPring-8
P_A87 Sajid Ali Syed Zone Plate performance as a function of tilt analyzed via multislice simulations
P_A89 Akihisa Takeuchi Nondestructive Multiscale X-Ray Tomography by Combining Microtomography and High-Energy Phase-Contrast Nanotomography
P_A90 Karina Thånell Optics and Coherence at the SoftiMAX Beamline
P_A91 Everett Vacek Correlative Cryo Confocal Light Microscopy (C?3LM) and X-ray Fluorescence
P_A93 Frederic Van Assche Characterization, Optimization and Application of a Hyperspectral X-ray Camera
P_A94 Yudan Wang Single-bounce ellipsoidal capillary for X-ray microscopes: design and measurements
P_A95 Zhili Wang Single-shot X-ray Dark-field Imaging
P_A96 Markus Weigand New Concepts for 3D Optics in X-ray Microscopy
P_A97 Yanlin Wu X-ray phase nano-tomography using high diffraction efficiency FZP based X-ray microscopy with Talbot interferometer
P_A98 Wenbing Yun Next-generation X-ray Optics for High Resolution Applications
P_A99 Virat Patel Investigation of Water Droplet Dynamics on Porous Fuel Cells Material via Synchrotron Based X-ray Imaging Technique
P_A100 Harold Barnard Synchrotron X-ray Micro Tomography at the Advanced Light Source: In-Situ Sample Environments for Advanced Aerospace Materials

Group B Posters

P_B2 Simone Finizio Sub-100ps magnetic imaging at the PolLux endstation of the Swiss Light Source
P_B3 Kotaro Higashi In-situ 3D CT-XAFS Imaging of Pt/C Cathode Catalysts in Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells during Degradation Process by Anode-gas Exchange Cycles
P_B4 Adam Kubec Multilayer Laue Lenses with 45 mm Focal Length as Optics for In-situ Nanoindentation Experiments
P_B6 Gerd Schneider Combination of soft X-ray microscopy with in-situ mechanical testing to image crack propagation in microchips
P_B7 Yen-Fang Song In-operando Tomography and Energy-resolved Elemental Mapping Projection X-ray Microscopy and Transmission X-ray Microscopy Beamline at TPS of NSRRC
P_B8 Michael Stuckelberger Challenges and Opportunities with Highly Brilliant X-ray Sources for multi-Modal in-Situ and Operando Characterization of Solar Cells
P_B9 Shao-Chin Tseng Exploiting the in-situ Electrical X-ray Microscopy for Semiconductor Nano Devices Analysis by X-ray Nanoprobe Beamline at Taiwan Photon Source.
P_B10 Julie Villanova Fast In Situ Nanotomography at ESRF
P_B11 Toshiki Watanabe In situ XRM Observation of Cracking in CFRP during Nanomechanical Testing
P_B12 Haobo Bai The Precise Alignment and Auto-fusion of Correlative Cryo-SXT and Cryo-FM.
P_B13 Aurélie Dehlinger Towards High Performance Soft X-ray Cryo-Tomography in the Laboratory
P_B14 Takeo EJIMA Development of laboratory-type soft X-ray microscope, CXRM, in Water-window using LPP light source
P_B15 Marco Endrizzi White beam differential phase and dark field imaging at high resolution
P_B16 Christian Fella Implementation of a Computed Tomography System based on a laboratory-based nanofocus X-ray source
P_B17 Silja Flenner Nanotomography of Inverse Photonic Crystals Using Zernike Phase Contrast
P_B18 Jan Geilhufe Soft X-ray Spectrotomographic Microscopy at Cryogenic Temperatures
P_B19 Yong Guan Locating the ‘missing wedge’ artifacts from limited-angle CT reconstruction
P_B20 Benedikt Günther The Munich Compact Light Source: Flux Doubling and Source Position Stabilization At a Compact Inverse-Compton Synchrotron X-ray Source.
P_B21 Peter Guttmann First Results from the X-Ray Microscopy Beamline U41-PGM1-XM at BESSY II
P_B22 Peter Guttmann The New HZB X-Ray Microscopy Beamline U41-PGM1-XM at BESSY II
P_B23 Andreas Haidl A Portable Endstation for Analytical X-ray Microscopy Using Soft X-ray Synchrotron Radiation
P_B24 Yanqing Wu The imaging quality improved significantly in a surface-modified scintillator X-ray imager
P_B25 Benjamin Hornberger Iterative Reconstruction for Increased Imaging Throughput in Lab-based 3D XRM
P_B26 Benjamin Hornberger Benchmarking of Machine Learning and Conventional Image Segmentation Techniques on 3D X-ray Microscopy Data
P_B27 Masato Hoshino Improvement of Scanning Procedure for 4D-X-ray Phase Tomography
P_B28 Yu-Shan Huang Coherent X-ray Scattering for Microanalysis at Taiwan Photon Source
P_B29 Chris Jacobsen A pipeline for distributed segmentation of teravoxel tomography datasets
P_B30 Ulf Johansson Initial Operation of the NanoMAX Beamline at MAX IV
P_B31 Dominika Kalasová Correlation of X-ray Computed Nanotomography and Scanning Electron Microscopy Imaging of Collagen Scaffolds
P_B32 Andrew Kingston Geometric Alignment Of Cone-Beam Helical-Trajectory Micro-Tomography Data Using a PI-Line Difference Metric
P_B33 Andrew Kingston Imaging mean energy of X-ray spectra through intensity variation in radiographs with an example application to beam hardening correction.
P_B34 Andrew Kingston Practical X-ray Ghost Imaging
P_B35 Brecht Laforce The Herakles 3D X-ray Scanner: Concept, Characterization and Application Complementary to Synchrotron Radiation Based Experiments.
P_B36 Mirna Lerotic Pygmi: Guided Microscope Control Interface with Workflow Manager
P_B37 Jun Lim Variable field of view full field transmission X-ray microscope
P_B38 Zi-Jing Lin Integration of Soft X-ray Tomography and High Resolution Fluorescence Microscopy
P_B39 Janin Lubeck A Compact Vibration Compensating Set-up for Scanning nm-XRF and STXM
P_B40 Jom Luiten Smart*Light: A Tabletop, High Brilliance, Monochromatic and Tunable Hard X-ray Source for Imaging and Analysis.
P_B41 Kadda Medjoubi Fast full-field micro-tomography at the Nanoscopium multitechnique nanoprobe beamline of Synchrotron Soleil
P_B42 Atsushi Momose X-ray Phase Imaging by Two-Beam Interferometry with Full-Field X-ray Microscope and Transmission Grating
P_B43 Dominik Müller Computed Tomography from a Single Grating X-Ray Interferometer at a Laboratory Liquid-Metal-Jet Source
P_B44 Kanta Ono Optimal Design of Experiment for X-Ray Spectromicroscopy by Machine Learning
P_B45 Kanta Ono Machine Learning-based Crystal Structure Prediction for X-Ray Microdiffraction
P_B46 Andrew Peele Synchrotron-Based X-ray Phase-Contrast Tomography for Breast Cancer Imaging
P_B47 Paul Quinn The hard x-ray nanoprobe beamline at Diamond - current status
P_B48 Christoph Rau Multi-Scale Imaging at the Coherence and Imaging Beamline I13 at Diamond
P_B49 Yuqi Ren 3D full-field transmission X-ray microscopy based on equally sloped tomography at Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility
P_B50 Chris Ryan Maia Mapper: High Definition XRF Imaging of Geological Samples at Intermediate Spatial Scales
P_B51 Mario Scheel Toward hard X-ray transmission microscopy at the ANATOMIX beamline of Synchrotron Soleil
P_B52 Jörg Schwenke SoftiMAX – A new Soft X-ray Microscopy and Coherent Imaging Beamline at the MAX IV Facility.
P_B53 Anatoly Snigirev X-ray Microscopy Opportunities at ID 15B Beamline at the ESRF
P_B54 Andrea Somogyi Estimated performance of Nanoscopium at an Upgraded Synchrotron Soleil.
P_B55 Andreas Späth Focused soft X-ray beam induced deposition: recent advances to a novel approach for fabrication of metallic nanostructures
P_B56 Malte Storm The Diamond I13-2 Transmission X-ray Microscope: Current Status and Future Developments
P_B57 Michael Sutherland Software Automation and Optimization of an X-ray Microscope Custom Designed for Integrated Circuit Inspection
P_B58 Yoshio Suzuki Generation of Virtual Point Source by Diffraction from Screen Edge as an X-ray Source for High-resolution Holography
P_B59 Kentaro Uesugi Development of X-ray Micro-CT System using Open Type Microfocus X-ray Source for Rock and Mineral Samples
P_B60 Chun-Chieh Wang Simultaneously Iterative Fast Projection Matching (SI-Faproma)
P_B61 Jian Wang Soft X-ray Spectromicroscopy at the Canadian Light Source
P_B62 Norio Watanabe 3D observation of quasicrystal alloy using X-ray differential phase-contrast microscope with a zone plate
P_B63 Timm Weitkamp Progress in microtomography at the ANATOMIX beamline of Synchrotron Soleil
P_B64 Guo Zhi Designing of the SXFEL beamline for single pulse biological living cell imaging
P_B65 Fei yang X-ray Sources for High Throughput and Extreme Resolution Imaging
P_B66 Gung-Chian Yin The Nanoprobe Endstation by Montel optics with 50nm resolution at Taiwan Photon Source
P_B67 Qingxi Yuan Preliminary Study on High-sensitive Diffraction Enhanced Imaging at BSRF
P_B68 Tao Zhou Lattice tilt mapping using Full Field Diffraction X-ray Microscopy at ID01 ESRF
P_B69 Irina Snigireva X-ray Phase Contrast Microscopy Based on Parabolic Refractive Axicon Lens
P_B70 Julius Reinhard Extreme Ultraviolet Coherence Tomography
P_B71 Carla Bittencourt Nanoscale NEXAFS for Probing TiO2-B Nanoribbons
P_B72 Chia-Hao Chen Layer-number-dependent Optical and Electrical Properties of Graphene on ZnO
P_B73 Takayuki Harano Chemical State Mapping of Carbon in Tempered Martensite by Scanning Transmission X-ray Microscopy
P_B74 Biao Deng Benchtop X-ray fluorescence microtomography based polycapillary
P_B75 James Dynes Correlative Spectromicroscopy Software Development on the SGM and Mid-IR Beamlines at the CLS
P_B76 James Everett Nanoscale Examination of Biological Tissues Using X-ray Spectromicroscopy
P_B77 Rainer H. Fink STXM_deconv – a MATLAB Script for the Deconvolution of STXM Images
P_B78 Daryl Howard Chemical Processing of an Early Salt Print Photograph Revealed with X-ray Fluorescence Elemental Mapping
P_B79 Marko Huttula STXM Chemical Mapping of Norway Spruce Knotwood Lignans
P_B80 Bi-Hsuan Lin Developing the XEOL and TR-XEOL at the X-ray Nanoprobe at Taiwan Photon Source
P_B81 Takuji Ohigashi 3-Dimensional Chemical Structures of an Isolated Cell Nucleus by a Scanning Transmission X-ray Microscope
P_B82 Kanta Ono Extraction of Physical Parameters from X-ray Spectromicroscopy Data Using Machine Learning
P_B83 Kian Shaker A Fast, Flexible and Accurate Monte-Carlo Tool for Simulating X-Ray Fluorescence Tomography
P_B84 Hyun-Joon Shin A scanning transmission x-ray microscope at the PLS: new detection modes
P_B85 Mandar Shirolkar Probing the Electronic Structure of BiVO4 Coated ZnO Nanodendrite Core- Shell Nanocomposite Using X–ray Spectroscopic and Spatially Resolved Scanning Transmission X-ray Microscopy Studies
P_B86 Andreas Späth Low Dose and Time Efficient Molar Fraction STXM Analysis for Binary Material Systems
P_B87 Kathryn Spiers Utilization of XANES Imaging in Assessing Radiation Damage in Wheat
P_B88 Yasuo Takeichi 3D Spectromicroscopic Observation of Yb-Silicate Ceramics Using XAFS-CT
P_B89 Zhiqiang Wang Imaging of Individual Eu Doped Y2O3 Sub-microspheres Using Photoluminescence Yield: An Application of Scanning Transmission X-ray Microscopy in Luminescent Materials
P_B90 Benjamin Watts Status of the PolLux STXM Beamline.
P_B91 Der-Hsin Wei Depth Dependence of the Photoelectron Emission Profile for Cathode Lens Microscopy
P_B92 Qunfeng Xiao Microprobe endstation at SXRMB of Canadian Light Source: introduction and applications
P_B93 Arthur Situm An X-ray Spectromicroscopy Study of the Corrosion of Polymer Coated Steel
P_B94 Limin Zhou Surface nanobubbles produced by cold water investigated using scanning transmission X-ray microscopy
P_B95 Yuki Takayama Proposal for Inverse-Phase Composite Zone Plate for Deeper Depth of Focus
P_B96 Kevin T. Murray Characterization of High Numerical Aperture Multilayer Laue Lenses
P_B97 Rabia Akan Investigation of Metal-Assisted Chemical Etching for Fabrication of Silicon-Based X-Ray Zone Plates
P_B98 William Vågberg Removal of Ring Artifacts in Microtomography by Characterization of Scintillator Variations - an Extension to Phase Contrast
P_B99 Juliana Martins de S. e Silva Phase-Contrast Nano-tomographic Imaging in Commercial X-ray Microscope for Understanding the Defensive Behavior of Suocerathrips linguis
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